MDL Development Team

Currently Active Developers, and their roles, principle expertise in developing MDL

  • Nick Holford (University of Auckland; Uppsala University) : MDL lead, pharmacometric concepts, pharmacology, modelling and simulation tasks, use case development, NONMEM, NM-TRAN to MDL conversion.

  • Mike K Smith (Pfizer) : MDL co-lead, documentation, ddmore R package lead, interoperability, model-based drug development, Pharma industry perspective, statistical concepts, use case development, grammar.

  • Stuart Moodie (Eight Pillars Ltd / Pfizer) : Language design and implementation, MDL-IDE development, conversion to PharmML

  • Maciej Swat (EMBL-EBI) : PharmML lead

  • Florent Yvon (EMBL-EBI) : libPharmML lead

  • Emmanuelle Comets (INSERM) : Design Object, Optimal Design task specification.

  • Paolo Magni (Università degl Studi di Pavia) : Prior Object definition, Bayesian Use Cases, BUGS lead.

  • Elisa Borella, Letizia Carrara, Cristiana Larizza, Lorenzo Pasotti, (Università degl Studi di Pavia) : BUGS conversion, BUGS connector, Bayesian Use Cases.

  • Zinnia Parra-Guillén (Universidad de Navarra; Freie Universität Berlin) : Training material, documentation, Use Case specification and testing.

  • Niklas Hartung (Freie Universität Berlin) : Use Case specification, testing, Monolix.

  • Niels Rode-Kristensen (Novo Nordisk) : Interoperability lead

  • Richard Kaye (Mango Solutions) : Integration Framework technical lead, SEE builds

  • Gareth Smith (Cyprotex) : Common converter

  • Henrik Bjugård Nyberg (Mango Solutions / Uppsala University) : PharmML to NM-TRAN translation

  • Eric Blaudez (Lixoft) : PharmML to MLXTRAN conversion.

  • Nadia Terranova (Merck Serono S.A., a Subsidiary of Merck KGaA) : Standard Output object definition

  • Rikard Nordgren (Uppsala University) : NONMEM to Standard Output object translation, PopED conversion.

  • Kajsa Harling (Uppsala University) : PsN translation and integration

  • Chris Muselle (Mango Solutions) : ddmore R package developer

MDL Contributors

These individuals have made important contributions to MDL and associated deliverables. In alphabetical order:

  • Roberto Bizzotto (CNR Institute of Neurosciences)

  • Letizia Carrara (Uni di Pavia)

  • Phylinda Chan (Pfizer)

  • Marylore Chenel (Servier)

  • Ronald Gieschke (Roche)

  • Lutz Harnisch (Pfizer)

  • Andrew Hooker (Uppsala University)

  • Mats Karlsson (Uppsala University)

  • Charlotte Kloft (Freie Universität Berlin)

  • Natallia Kokash (Leiden Unversity; UCL, London)

  • Marc Lavielle (INRIA)

  • Guilia Lestini (INSERM, Paris)

  • Andrea Mari (CNR Institute of Neurosciences)

  • France Mentré (INSERM)

  • Mateusz Rogalski (Mango Solutions)

  • Maria-Luisa Sardu (Merck Serono S.A., a Subsidiary of Merck KGaA)

  • Gunnar Yngman (Uppsala University)

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